Tennessee Tech: VISION research lab the first of its kind

Thanks to a partnership with the education department on campus, students in the iCube worked to develop an immersive virtual reality simulation for Oculus Rift, allowing students to become the teacher of a kindergarten class. The students can also become the kindergartners in the class and create behavioral problems for the teacher to deal with.

12 Jul

iCube Pokemon & Driving PSA goes Viral!

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At this point, everyone has at least heard of Pokemon GO. More likely, you are reading this post while you wait on the servers to fix themselves and resume training, catching, and fighting to be the very best Pokemon master, like no one ever was. 

Unfortunately, our region of "North America" is not as safe as Kanto. We are traipsing about in a world without Poke Centers. There are no Nurse Joys ready to heal our wounds, and there are no Officer Jennys policing the streets. 

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22 Oct

Tennessee Aquarium unveils plan for freshwater center in Chattanooga.

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The Tennessee Aquarium recently unveiled a plan for a multimillion dollar freshwater center on the Baylor campus in Chattanooga. The institute will house a conservation research center for the Tennessee Aquarium Freshwater Conservation Institute (TNACI). The focus on conservation is evident in the building itself, which is built to maximize efficiency for storm water runoff. Water from the roof is recycled and used in the building, instead of potentially contributing to pollution. The institute will have a board of advisors, but remain under the governance of the aquarium.

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02 Apr

Governor Bill Haslam visits TNTech iCube

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Pictured: Dr. Soni presents a 3D simulation of the human heart to Governor Haslam.

On March 27, 2015, Bill Haslam, the Governor of Tennessee, visited Tennessee Tech for the 100th Anniversary of the University. During his visit, Governor Haslam stopped by iCube for a tour, where he witnessed first-hand the innovative projects students are developing here on campus using emerging technologies such as the Oculus Rift and the Viscube.

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13 Feb

Commissioner Randy Boyd Visits TNTech iCube

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Randy Boyd, Commissioner of Tennessee's Economic and Community Development, was able to stop by iCube and witness the innovations occuring here at TTU. The team developing the Aquarium game for the Oculus Rift was able to show the progress made in two months on the Aquarium project, allowing him to see the push for conservation education occuring in our office before our actual move to the library had been made. Commissioner Boyd was also able to walk through a heart, body, Derryberry, and eventually fall off a bridge inside the Viscube.

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